See How the iPad Pro 2020 Looks on Your Desk in AR


You can't see the new, recently announced iPad Pro 2020 in person as of now because all Apple Stores are closed outside of China. However, if you're up for it, you can see it on your desk through AR via Apple's website. While the augmented reality is fun to use and all, it will give you a representation of the device at your desk and how it will look like.

You can See the New iPad Pro 2020 in AR From Apple's Website Right Now

There's not a lot that you have to do in order to view the iPad Pro 2020 in AR. Simply navigate to the iPad Pro webpage on your iPhone or iPad and then scroll down to the Your next computer is not a computer section. Below the description, you will see two links: Watch the film and See the iPad Pro in AR. Tap on the latter.

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iPad Pro 2020 in AR

The feature only works on iPhone and iPad models because they are equipped with a rear camera. So viewing it on a Mac is not possible. Once you tap on the link, simply point your device to a table or wherever you want to see the new iPad Pro 2020. You will be asked to move your iPhone or iPad around so it gathers 3D information of the environment. A virtual version of the iPad Pro 2020 will be placed on the desk or wherever you have decided. You will have the option available to zoom in and out, plus you can move it around with your finger and thumb.

How did you like the new iPad Pro 2020? Are you looking to upgrade from your current iPad Pro? Apple also released a new MacBook Air and Mac Mini with improved internals.

We have covered the release extensively, so be sure to check it out for more details on the tablet. Share your views with us down below.