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Mobile Gaming Like Never Before! 32% Off ScreenStick Mobile Joystick for Smart Devices


We all play games on our mobile phones, for fun or just to kill some time during the commute. Since we cannot carry our consoles everywhere, smartphones have become a beautiful alternative helping us play games on the go. But what happens when you can't deal with the touch screen controls. They don't even "feel" like controls since we have become so used to taking our emotions out on a joystick. If you also feel like having no control over the games you play on smartphones, the ScreenStick mobile joystick has the perfect solution.

smartstick mobile joystick

32% off ScreenStick Mobile Joystick:

The ScreenStick mobile joystick for smart devices uses suction cups to attach to your smartphone or tablet. Play any games using the joystick if the game offers you an on-screen joystick or d-pad. As a New Year Eve deal, you can grab the ScreenStick mobile joystick only for $16.99 for a limited time. Originally available for $25, ScreenStick is super durable and will last you for years.

  • Game like you’re at home even when you’re on the road
  • Get a whole new mobile gaming experience w/ this 2-in-1 gaming & simulator stick
  • Attach the stick to your phone w/ 2 suction cups
  • Play almost any game w/ an on-screen joystick or d-pad
  • Use it for years to come: made w/ high-quality, light & durable alloy

Go to Wccftech Deals and grab the ScreenStick mobile joystick for yourself or as a gift to a loved one who is a fan of mobile games but could do with some real controls.