How to Take Screenshot of Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

Uzair Ghani
Touch Bar

Today we will show you how you can take a screenshot of the Touch Bar in the latest 2016 MacBook Pro. It's actually quite easy to do.

Take a Screenshot of your Touch Bar and Show it Off to the World, Because Why Not!

If you recently bought a new MacBook Pro, you'll be pleased to learn you can actually take a screenshot of the Touch Bar whenever you desire. Why would you want to take a screenshot, you ask? Well, maybe you want to show off a certain app, or a certain setting to someone. It's far more convenient than taking a photo with your phone, cropping it, then sending it over.

The keyboard key combination for taking a screenshot of Touch Bar is as follows: Command + Shift + 6

Once you press these keys together, the screenshot will be saved directly to your desktop for use. But there are times where you would want to paste that screenshot somewhere else without it having to sit on the desktop. For those times you might want to refer to the Control + Command + Shift + 6 key combination. Once pressed, the screenshot will be saved on your Mac's clipboard, ready to be pasted wherever you like.

This is the kind of screenshot you can expect to come out once you hit those keys:

If you happen to be a developer, then this feature is very handy to know about. It's painstakingly easy to show off to the world what you are working on without having to fiddle around with a camera. Just press a trio of keys and you are done. Furthermore, even if you are a regular user, knowing about taking screenshot of the Touch Bar is a wonderful feat in itself. After all, how are you going to tell the world you are the owner of Apple's latest and greatest hardware? We knew you'd agree with us on that one.

Wrap Up

We will be back with more tips and tricks for your Mac in the future so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, try out your newly learned screenshot trick and share your setup with others. There is a chance that your current row of software keys might end up being extremely beneficial to those who have recently dived onto Apple's latest pro notebook.

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