Scraps, Crazy Vehicular Combat With Killer Physics, Enters Early Access


Scraps lets you assemble your own death-race machine in any creative way imaginable to compete against your friends.

Build a rocket car with actual rocket launchers as your propulsion system in Scraps.

Modularity is key here, you can craft the perfect vehicular destructive force that matches the vision you have in your mind. Putting together the unique car that best expresses your inner destructive self.

Every part (including realistic physics attributes) is functional and serves a unique purpose. Whether players add armor, weapons, engines, or heat sinks, no two cars are alike.

As the name implies, you collect the scraps of your fallen foes in order to upgrade your own car. The more destructive your car can be, the more experience you can potentially make for each random act of violence, which in turns unlocks all the new useful parts to add on to your car.

"With Scraps, I wanted to replicate that feeling of limitless possibility you'd get from building some crazy vehicle out of Lego or whatever as a kid. And then of course, here you can finally drive that insane thing you built. And a key feature of Scraps is how things really work: Engines make you faster, weapons shoot, cooling systems manage your heat, and so on."

- Bill Borman, Founder of Moment Studio

The biggest selling point I see with this is the physics-based madness that they're partaking in. Make something asymmetrical that, when you broadside someone, rolls over! But more than that, the immense amount of customization options and very interesting looking action. This is one to watch, certainly, with it's unique and whimsical approach. It looks cute yet violently fun at the same time.

Scraps can be purchased for $15 during Early Access (Windows-only for now). At launch, the full game will cost $20.