You Can Now Schedule Twitter’s Night Mode Feature Using NightOwl


Twitter has been trying to attract users for quite a while and for the most part, it's doing a pretty great job. Recently, the microblogging site added a new feature in its app that brought a darker theme to the table. The recently updated night mode feature is easier on the eyes, especially if you use the app at night. However, the feature lacked one crucial extension - the ability to schedule night mode so you don't have to turn it on manually every time.

NightOwl Lets You Turn On Night Mode In Twitter Automatically

In this regard, a developer has stepped forward to make night mode automatic with a new jailbreak tweak called NightOwl. The tweak gives an easy access to the night mode feature by turning it on based on your local sunrise and sunset time. Once turned on and scheduled, you will not have to intervene in order to turn it on. This saves the liberty to open the Twitter app and toggle night mode feature on every time you want to use the app.

Setting up the app is very easy. Once you have installed the tweak, you are required to turn on your location services at least once. Doing this so will allow the tweak to figure out the sunrise and sunset time at your region. Once this is set up, you can turn the location services off if you want and the jailbreak tweak will no longer prompt a message.

Twitter Night Mode

Once you install the tweak, the functionality and operation of the night mode feature is pretty much similar to that of Apple's Night Shift feature. Night Shift is more or less the same feature, but changes the display hue to a much warmer end of the color spectrum, whereby reducing strain on your eyes. Setting the Twitter app to turn on night mode is very helpful and saves labor along with time.

To make NightOwl work, you need to install the stock Twitter app from the App Store which is available for free. Do take note that NightOwl only works with the official Twitter app and third party clients are not supported. So if you're interested, NightOwl is available for free from Cydia's BigBoss repository. Since the tweak is being offered for free, there's no point waiting around, get it right now.

This is it for now folks. Do you use the night mode feature in Twitter? What are your thoughts on the NightOwl jailbreak tweak? Let us know in the comments.