SCE Boss: Remaining Ahead Of PS2 Is Almost More Important Than Rivalry/Share With Microsoft


SCE President and Global CEO Andrew House has been very busy recently. Today we reported a video announcement with him and Hideo Kojima revealing a partnership, but he also spoke in a lengthy interview with The Guardian.

Among various topics, he also commented on the ongoing competition with Microsoft in the console market. According to SCE's CEO, the fact that PlayStation 4 is currently ahead of PlayStation 2 (when considered at the same point in its lifecycle) is almost more important than the mere rivalry or even market share with Microsoft.

We remain well ahead of the PlayStation 2 at the same point in its life-cycle. That, to me, is almost more important than market share and rivalry with Microsoft. The question is whether you’re growing the category overall, and whether it is vibrant.

House also talked about the PlayStation Now service, which is about to launch in the United Kingdom.

For SCE, PlayStation Now is very much about a long-term play. I’ve always believed that with the sense of convenience and immediacy that people get from streaming, whether it’s in music or video, that same attraction will be there in games eventually. Increasingly in service businesses, it’s a case of launching the service, listening to what your consumers are telling you and then iterating on that and making it better.

Do you think PlayStation 4 will remain ahead of PlayStation 2 all the way to the end of this generation? What's your opinion on PlayStation Now? Tell us in the comments.