How to Save a Website in PDF Format Using iBooks on iPhone & iPad


Here's a complete step by step tutorial on how to save a website in PDF format using iBooks on your iPhone and iPad.

Saving a Website in PDF Format is Easy - Just Seek the Help of iBooks and You're Good to Go

There are a lot of instances where users are forced to take a screenshot of something important they see online just to share with others. It can be an entire webpage, or just a part of it. But, at times, you require things to be nice and tidy. When the moment arrives, saving a website in PDF format is the way to go. It's a more presentable, and dare I say, formal way, to share and store websites and pages. So, in today's guide, we will show you how to save a website in PDF format using iBooks.

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1. First and foremost launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Now open up the website you wish to save in PDF.

3. With the website all opened up, tap on the Share button in Safari.

4. Look for an option called Save PDF to iBooks and tap on it.

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5. The website will now be saved in PDF and will live inside iBooks. You can do anything you want with it from there, even share it with others if you so wish.

Simple wasn't it? And this method applies to any website at all, so you can rest assured your saving and sharing game will always be at the top of things.

While we do take iBooks for granted in a lot of cases, but it can prove to be pretty handy at times. Take the above PDF capabilities, for instance. Rather than having to make do with third-party apps to even view the format, iOS' own built-in first-party offering gets things done in an extremely swift manner. Also, iBooks is a wonderfully insane book reading app which everyone should try out. Things are topped off with iCloud syncing capabilities so you can rest easy knowing that your content will be synced across devices, ready to be picked up exactly where you left off.