Sapphire Showcases the HD 7970 Toxic Graphics Card with 6GB Memory

At this years ICT Expo held in Hong Kong, AMD's AIB partner Sapphire showcased its latest HD7970 Toxic GPU featuring a massive 6GB Vram and overclocked specs making it the flagship card from the manufacturer.

The HD7970 Toxic is based on the Tahiti XT core featuring 2048 Shaders, GPU is powered by a eight phase VRM design while the Hynix made 6GB memory has its own individual three phase power supply.  A DirectFET package design is used on the memory power phase. Juice is provided through dual 8 Pin PCI-e connectors.

GPU's core clock is maintained at 1150MHz and 6000MHz for the GDDR5 memory. The card comes with its own hefty cooling design made up of tri slot covering heatsink equipped with two 80mm fans which provide fresh air to the aluminum fin array below it. Four massive heatpipes help dissipate heat from the core to the fin block.

Display outputs include two mini display ports, one HDMI and Dual DVI ports. The card has previously been benchmarked and you can see the results for yourself here.

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