Sapphire Officially Launches Radeon RX 460 Nitro OC With Full Polaris 11 GPU – 1024 Stream Processors Clocked at 1250 MHz

Hassan Mujtaba

Sapphire has officially launched the first ever Radeon RX 460 graphics card with an unlocked Polaris core. The new graphics card will be aiming at the sub $150 US price range and feature higher performance than the original variant.

Sapphire Unlocks The Radeon RX 460 Nitro OC Graphics Card For More Performance Under Sub-$150 Range

Last month, we found out that a BIOS had been released by the overclocking community. This BIOS allowed users to unlock the GPU on their RX 460 graphics cards. While not covered by warranty, the unlocked allowed for faster performance on a really low budget tier graphics card. We tested our own RX 460 Nitro OC graphics card to check performance gains and they were pretty sweet, more on that here.

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Now, Sapphire has officially released the very first Radeon RX 460 Nitro OC variant that features a full core. A full Polaris 11 GPU features more stream processors and since this is a factory overclocked variant, it also ships with a higher clock rate.

Sapphire Radeon RX 460 Nitro OC 1024 SPs Specifications:

The Radeon RX 460 is the only card available to desktop users that is based on the Polaris 11 GPU architecture. The Sapphire variant comprises of 1024 stream processors which deliver around 2.4 TFLOPs of FP32 compute performance. Sapphire has the chip clocked at a factory overclocked frequency of 1250 MHz while the 4 GB GDDR5 memory comes with a 128-bit interface and clock speeds of 7 GHz that deliver 112 GB/s bandwidth. The card has a TDP of just 75W and is supplied power through a single 6-pin connector.


The extra power can come in handy if users want to overclock since it comes with a custom PCB design. The dual fan cooler is also an effective solution against heat. Since the card features the same GCN 4.0 graphics architecture as its bigger brother, we will be getting up to 2.8x performance per watt improvement over past generation GCN products such as the Radeon R7 360. The Radeon RX 460 also comes with DisplayPort 1.3 / 1.4 HDR capabilities.

AMD Polaris GCN 4.0 GPU Lineup:

Graphics Card NameAMD Radeon RX 480AMD Radeon RX 470AMD Radeon RX 470DAMD Radeon RX 460 1024 SPsAMD Radeon RX 460
Graphics CorePolaris 10Polaris 10Polaris 10Polaris 11Polaris 11
Process Node14nm FinFET14nm FinFET14nm FinFET14nm FinFET14nm FinFET
Die Size232mm2232mm2232mm2123mm2123mm2
Transistors5.7 Billion5.7 Billion5.7 Billion3.0 Billion3.0 Billion
Stream Processors2304 SPs2048 SPs1792 SPs1024 SPs896 SPs
Clock Frequency1266 MHz1206 MHz1206 MHz1200 MHz1200 MHz
Compute Performance5.8 TFLOPs4.9 TFLOPs4.3 TFLOPs2.56 TFLOPs2.2 TFLOPs
Bus Interface256-bit256-bit256-bit128-bit128-bit
Memory Speed8 GHz6.6 GHz6.6 GHz7 GHz7 GHz
Memory Bandwidth256 GB/s211 GB/s211 GB/s112 GB/s112 GB/s
Launch Date29th June4th August20th OctoberTBD8th August
Launch Price$199 US (4 GB)
$239 US (8 GB)
$179 US (4 GB)$149 US (4 GB)TBD$99 US (2 GB)
$119 US (4 GB)
New Price$199 US (4 GB)
$239 US (8 GB)
$169 US (4 GB)$149 US (4 GB)TBD$99 US (4 GB)
$89 US (2 GB)

There's no word on pricing or availability yet but we expect it to hit the market around $119 US. This could also be a region specific launch like the Radeon RX 470D which is only available in APAC (Asia Pacific) region.

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