Sapphire Readying New Overclocking and Tweaking Utility.

Sapphire is working on a new Overclocking and Tweaking Utility named Sapphire TriXXX tweak utility. Sapphire has shown some pics along with details of its upcoming software which is best suited for hardware overclockers and enthusiasts.

TriXXX will not only monitor the graphic card but also tweak it allowing you to adjust fan speeds and overclocks and monitor temps of Graphics cards from  Sapphire (and most probably other AMD) graphics cards. The Utility features overclocking the GPU core and memory clocks, voltage and fan parameters, monitor all the graphics card parameters including temperatures, fan settings, driver and BIOS version, support for Multi-GPU, Windows Sidebar Gadget option, profile settings and much more.

The software is pretty simple in design and use but still not available yet. It'll be released soon and support for the upcoming 6000 series cards will be added in it.


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