SanDisk Ultra II 960GB At An Unbelievable Price Tag? Check Out This Terrific Deal


It is not every day that you get a chance to own a near 1TB solid state drive for an absolutely affordable price tag but today, you have the chance to be the proud owner of a SanDisk Ultra II 960GB. Check out the deal right here.


SanDisk Ultra II 960GB Available For Just $200 – Now This Is An Unbelievable Deal

According to the details present on Amazon, SanDisk Ultra II 960GB only carries a price tag of $200, which is extremely phenomenal since you normally do not even get half the capacity of a solid state drive in the aforementioned price tag. As for the specifications of SanDisk Ultra II 960GB, the ultra-fast SSD will be able to provide a sequential read speed up to 550MB/s and a sequential write speed of up to 500Mb/s.

Additional details of the solid state drive state that the product features a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) time of 1.75 million hours, meaning that by the time your desktop or laptop actually starts to display erratic behavior, SanDisk Ultra II will still be running at the same capability, as long as you keep it that way. Majority of PC users do not know this, but defragmentation and continuously checking for errors of the SSD can seriously degrade the lifespan and overall speed of the product.


According to the details stated on the website, SanDisk Ultra II 960GB is compatible with the SATA III interface (6Gb/s) and while it is also compatible with the SATA II interface (3Gb/s), you will only be able to experience the true potential of the drive if you plug it into a SATA III port. If the drive is slightly out of your price range, then you can always go for the 480GB, which will only set you back by $109.99, while the 240GB storage version will cost you $79.99.

However, at this point, it looks like only the 480GB and 960GB version of SanDisk Ultra II offer the best bang for buck ratio.

SanDisk Ultra II 960GB At An Unbelievable Price Tag? Check Out This Terrific Deal

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