Samsung Is Working On Its Own ‘iPhone Upgrade Program’ Copycat

Uzair Ghani

Apple surprised everyone at its 'Hey Siri' event when it took the wraps off the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. But apart from announcing two new evolutionary smartphones to the world, the Cupertino tech giant also announced the 'iPhone Upgrade Program' so that users can get their hands on the latest and greatest iPhone every single year without much fuss. And as usual, Samsung is working on a leasing program for its devices as well.

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At this point in time though, it's unclear what the price plan would be for Samsung's upcoming leasing program. But according to the source of the report, the leasing plan would see the light of day in the 'coming months.' And of course, Samsung is launching the new plan to counter Apple's newly announced iPhone Upgrade Plan, which allows users to get a new smartphone from Cupertino by spreading its overall cost in a time-frame of 24 months.

Around the world, carriers are moving away from subsidized pricing for mobile devices, forcing users to buy their very own hardware to be used on a carrier of their choice. Keeping that very same thing in mind, Apple saw it fit to launch the iPhone Upgrade Program, so that users can easily grab the hardware they want without having to bust their pockets in one single go.

At this point in time, Samsung is trying all it can to prevent its sailing ship from sinking. For instance, it was just a while back the Korean company launched its 'Ultimate Test Drive' program that allowed iPhone users to test out a premium Galaxy device for a full month for free. The program was so successful that the company had to close down orders for a while to make room for more people.


Will Samsung be able to make the same strides with its upcoming leasing program is anyone's guess at this point. After all, given how fast things are moving in the tech space, the time for execution needs to be just right for things to take off.

We're uncertain whether Samsung's leasing program will just be limited to smartphones or will it cover other devices as well, such as their tablet or smartwatch lineup. If past experiences are anything to go by then we're certain that we'll hear more details from that end in the days to come.

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