Samsung to Bring A Very High-End Camera Feature To Entry Level Smartphones


After Sony and OmniVision, it is Samsung who has the highest market share in the camera sensor department. However, we have seen on a number of occasions that the South Korean giant was not giving sufficient amount of emphasis to its entry and mid-tier range of smartphones, but it looks like all that is going to change.


Samsung Reported To Bring OIS Functionality To Both Entry And Mid-Ranged Handsets

According to a report, Samsung is going to incorporate an Optical Image Stabilization chip inside its entry level and mid-ranged smartphones, allowing users a greater degree of control when snapping images in quick succession. The source was not able to identify if the same chip was going to stabilize videos when capturing it from these devices, but if this feature is also included in the upcoming smartphones, then consumers who are on a budget will no longer have need to spend exorbitant amounts of funds in order to experience better image and video quality.

With the incorporation of an OIS chip inside these camera sensors, we can also expect that the upcoming devices will have rear and front camera sensors that will be able to capture high-resolution images. In addition, the source also stated that these devices will also feature NFC chips and wireless charging capabilities; features that were initially only present in the company’s high-end devices. It is great to see that the company has finally started to give the remainder of its lineup a decent amount of focus, although one gripe that we still have from the smartphone manufacturer is that it does not roll out operating system updates fast enough.


Only the high-end and mid-tier range of smartphones get the latest OS updates and that too after waiting an extensively long period. Granted, that such a process can take up a precious chunk of the company’s time, but if consumers are not given the attention that they deserve, then they will obviously move on to other suitable alternatives; one that will actually deliver timely updates.

Samsung camera sensor

Regardless, it is great to see that Samsung is finally giving a fair amount of treatment to its future lineup so we can expect better quality camera sensors in the future. What do you think of the latest report? Let us know your thoughts.