Check Out Samsung’s Super-Fast T5 Portable SSD Discounts – All Storage Models Are Now Cheaper Than Ever


USB Type-C is definitely looking like the future and Samsung is giving you the opportunity to prepare for this future in an affordable manner. Its T5 SSD lineup, which is an updated storage family, has been discounted, with all of the storage models introduced by the company now featuring ‘lower than ever’ price tags.

All Models Ranging From 250GB to 2TB of the T5 SSD Have Been Discounted - Check Out the Deal Here

The latest lineup of Samsung’s portable solid-state drives are rocking a full metal design but in this day and age, you can be deceived by looks. Functionality is also key and sporting a Type-C USB port, these drives get a speed upgrade of peaking out at 540MB/s courtesy of the USB 3.1 Gen. 2 standard. In comparison, the T3 models were able to peak out at 450MB/s.

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Speed is not going to be your only ally in this battle but compatibility will also be taking your side. With the Samsung Portable SSD T5, the drives sport wider compatibility with Type-C to Type-A USB cables and Type-C to Type-C as well. These also provide a fair amount of protection as Samsung states that the new drives are able to handle drops of up to 6.6ft, which is equal to two meters.

The base model features 250GB of capacity while the highest capacity version goes all the way up to 2TB. If you’re interested in making the purchase, all the links of all discounted storage versions have been given at the bottom. Just make sure to buy that storage model which actually suits the line of work that you are currently involved in.