Samsung & Audi Ink Deal; The Exynos Will Feature In Maker’s 2018 Lineup OF Vehicles


Samsung's a big company folks. Even as the Galaxy Note 7 completely failed as a device, the Korean tech giant still expects profits for the quarter. After all, smartphones are far from being the only product in its portfolio. The company's got its toes in a variety of electronics, from home appliances to flagship processors to everyday mobile phones. Now, you might even find Samsung in your Audi, if you own one. Take a look below for more details.

Samsung And Audi Sign Deal For Exynos Processors In The Manufacturer's Vehicles

With 2017 starting off, this year's announcements have started to slowly make their way across the ramp. Qualcomm launched the Snapdragon 835 a couple of days back. The processor is manufactured on Samsung's 10nm process and promises a host of benefits and features. For starters, it's 35% smaller than its predecessor yet it features a 27% performance and 40% power efficiency boost. While accurate results will be determined only after extensive testing is carried out, the claims do sound impressive.

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Now, all eyes are on Samsung as the Korean tech giant will launch the Galaxy S8 and its own Exynos 8895 later this year. Samsung's processors have beaten Qualcomm consistently over the past couple of years, ever since the US chip maker failed to control the Snapdragon 810 throttling problems. Today, we've got some more news for the Exynos lineup. It isn't about mobile but about automobiles.


According to the Chinese media, Audi and Samsung have entered into a deal through which the latter will provide the former with Exynos processor for its automobiles. The deal originated in November last year, when Samsung was contracted by Audio for 20nm semiconductors. Now that the pair have had time to build a relationship, they're ready to move to the next stage. It's a big move for both the companies. While Samsung will now be able to move in the automotive market, Audi will have a good power base for IT on its cars.

Of course, the deal is in its preliminary stages at the moment, so any concrete results won't surface until 2018. Thankfully, we've got a lot to keep us busy until then. Not only will Samsung launch its 10nm Exynos processor soon, but a lot of manufacturers will greatly upgrade their flagship smartphone portfolio as well. Devices the likes of Apple's iPhone 8, Samsung's Galaxy S8, LG's G6 and HTC's U lineup will be a part of 2017's lineup. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.