Apple’s iPad Pro To Come With Sharp And Samsung Display By End Of 2015

With the increasing amount of iPhone 6S rumors and leaks surfacing over the past couple of days, another Apple device that has bee rumored to be under the works for quite a while has been nearly forgotten. Given the increasing trend for larger screened devices in the gadget market, Apple's been rumored for a long while to be working on a larger screened iPad, dubbed as the iPad Pro for the time being. And today we've managed to get our hands on some more information surrounding Apple's larger tablet, which suggests that things have finally started to move forward in iPad territory.

Sharp And Samsung To Reportedly Supply Display Panels For The iPad Pro

Word straight out of Taiwan now suggests that Apple's finally gotten around to choosing display suppliers for the iPad Pro. According to Technews, Sharp will be Cupertino's primary supplier for display panels on the iPad, with Samsung coming in second place. When it come to display panels for the iPad, Apple has been hard at work it seems, with suppliers already having provided the company sample display panels in June.

Out of these. Sharp's display panels seem to meet Apple's standards, as the Japanese manufacturer will be Apple's primary display partner. Apple and Sharp have already partnered for several devices in the past and this relationship is looking to continue with today's developments. Second in line is Korean electronics giant Samsung, which will be Apple's secondary display partner. Samsung will start supplying Apple with the relevant components in September, so we should be expecting the iPad Pro to come after the Cupertino tech manufacturer is done with its iPhone 6S launches for 2015.

The iPad Pro has been in the rumor mill for quite a while and we should be expecting the device to be with us sometime at the end of this year, or early 2016 by the latest. The 12 inch Apple tablet is expected to come with several features on board, including a stylus and stereo speakers. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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