Samsung To Release Not One, But Two 144Hz Monitors With A Very Wide Resolution This Year


Samsung has made its bread and butter in smartphones and tablets for quite some time now and the company will be adding another stream of revenue to its various channels with the release of not one, but two monitors that possess a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz.


The Two Samsung Monitors Will Have An Astounding Wide Resolution Measuring At 3440 By 1440 pixels

Going beyond the limitations of monitors that possible refresh rates of 60 and 120Hz, Samsung is taking the refresh rate of its monitors to the next stage, 144Hz. Both monitors from the tech giant are going to be available later down the year, and there is one other difference that should point out here. Where display products are available with the DisplayPort 1.2 standard, these new monitors will feature the DisplayPort 1.3 standard.

Sporting an ultrawide resolution, the monitors from Samsung will be available in 30 inch and 35 inch screen sizes and will be releasing in Q2 and Q3 of this year respectively. This is the ideal time for Samsung to be launching the new monitors, since this will be the time that the new generation of GPUs are going to be launched with all the graphics horsepower. These chips will effortlessly be able to render next-generation titles at the aforementioned resolution. Another thing that we want to add here is that since these monitors sport a refresh rate of 144Hz, gamers will not be running into that irritating screen tearing issue while gaming, which is a widespread issue present in monitors that have a maximum refresh rate of just 60Hz.


Additionally, these two monitors will be incorporated with VA panel technology, which will offer deeper blacks and better color reproduction as compared to TN panels. This is definitely a breakthrough as far as maximum refresh rates are concerned because the maximum refresh rate available for 3440 x 1440 monitors is 100Hz. Unfortunately, there is currently no word on pricing, but monitors sporting large screen sizes, crisp resolution and with the latest display standard and refresh rates will obviously be coming for a steep price tag.

We will be updating you on pricing and availability of these monitors, but tell us what you thought about them? Do you think it is a product from Samsung that you would purchase down the road? Let us know your thoughts.