Samsung Promotes Galaxy Sales Through Enormous Free Giveaways


Samsung wants you to buy its new Galaxy handsets so bad that its offering handsome free giveaway. The offer is valid for the next 16 days and the eligible customers should have their purchasing interest limited to the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge.

If you purchase one of the aforementioned Galaxy smartphones, Samsung will bestow buyers with free accessories worth of $350 along with a cash amount of $50. Users who wish to trade their iPhones in exchange for a Galaxy, would get $100 worth of Google Play credits. The credits would further be used by users to purchase apps and other such offerings. Samsung's deal starts today and will expire on November 22nd.

Let's see what more does Samsung has to offer users who wish to buy the new Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Hooked With Mega Giveaways

It looks like Samsung is desperate for the sale of its Galaxy smartphones and users will rejoice over the new promotional offers that the South Korean manufacturer is enticing. There are two packages that a user must choose from on the purchase of a new Galaxy.

First, the Level On gift package comes with a charging pad, the battery pack and a pair of Samsung's Level On headphones. Package number two, the Swarovski crystal gift package includes a fast charge portable battery park with Smasung brand labelling, a wireless charging pad and a Swarovski crystal phone cover. Moreover, users will have to activate Samsung Pay mobile payment service on their new smartphone to get an additional $50 cash refund.

Alongside Samsung's free giveaways, Sprint also happens to be running a promotion for the same Galaxy smartphones. Irrespective of the purchasing scheme, monthly installments or a conventional two year contract, Sprint is deemed to offer a year of Amazon Prime. Sprint's promotional deal would enable its stock to level out before the Black Friday deals starts kicking in.

Even though, Samsung's four premium flagships are one of the best high-end smartphones in the market, the company faces disappointing figures in terms of sale. Samsung's top-notch smartphones are not sold as much as Samsung was hoping for. The company has to endure pressure from other Android powered smartphones as well as Apple's flagship smartphone, resulting in lower than expected sales. It's possible that Samsung might offer even more eccentric deals in the coming days.

What do you think about these promotional offers by Samsung? Are you planning to buy a new Galaxy smartphone or trading in your iPhone? Let us know in the comments.