Samsung Reported To Be Working On 12 Inch Windows 10 Slate? Surface Pro 4 Competitor In The Works?


After Samsung announced its 18 inch Android powered slate, a product that was not running ‘top of the line’ hardware, it looks like the company might have something planned for the enterprise users, and that happens to be a Windows 10 tablet.

Samsung Tablet

12 Inch Windows 10 Tablet From Samsung Gets Wi-Fi Certification – Surface Pro 4 Competitor In The Works?

According to an international source, the unnamed Windows 10 tablet from Samsung, which features the model number SM-W700 has received Wi-Fi certification and details from the images show that the upcoming tablet will be featuring an 802.11ac adapter, indicating that it is possible that the slate will also be featuring ‘top of the line’ hardware specifications. However, what is going to be present in the slate is yet to be known. Currently, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 comes with Intel’s 6th generation Skylake processors, but the tablet itself comes at a price of $899, making it quite an expensive purchase despite being the base model.

Now if Samsung were to compete with Surface Pro 4, then it would be necessary for the company to incorporate something as powerful as a Skylake processor and price the product less than Microsoft’s flagship slate in order to gain a competitive advantage over the software firm. However, we have seen for a very long period that the South Korean tech giant is used to incorporating its own hardware inside its mobile devices, which means that the 12 inch tablet could very well be running an Exynos SoC underneath its hood, which will not necessarily translate in the chipset being more capable than Intel’s mobile processors.


The tablet will obviously be targeted to enterprise users and consumers who want to find a suitable replacement for their Windows powered notebook. However, if Samsung is going to follow this plan, then it is imperative that the company comes up with a plan that will thwart Microsoft’s expensive slate. Starting off, Samsung could bundle free accessories ranging from a detachable keyboard while keeping the price tag low in order to hit Microsoft where it hurts.


Another way could be to provide ideal after sales service to consumers. However, right now it is far too early to tell what the motives of the company are? Perhaps in the near future, we will find out proper information about the 12 inch Windows powered tablet. Are you excited to see a Windows 10 tablet from the South Korean tech behemoth? Let us know your thoughts.