84% of Smartphone Owners Don’t Mind Purchasing Another Samsung Phone

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Samsung has been reported to start work early on its Galaxy S8, with incoming information suggesting that the smartphone will be coming in two variants. However, as much as the majority of consumers would shy away from using another Samsung product, it is surprising to see that a huge percentage of device users are open to the idea of using another smartphone that’s manufactured by the firm.

Survey Shows That 84 Percent of Consumers Are Open to the Idea of Using Another Samsung Smartphone Once More

Samsung is making efforts to win back the trust of the consumer, but a survey has found out that the company might not have to stress too much on that, given the fact that lots of consumers are actually open to the idea of owning another Samsung smartphone.

ReportLinker conducted a survey of 500 smartphone owners in the United States. The details of the survey concluded that even though 60 percent of the respondents believed that Samsung didn’t handle the Galaxy Note 7 recall as well as it should have, 84 percent of them said that they would consider Samsung again. However, conducting a survey of 500 smartphone owners in the United States isn’t an accurate representation of what majority of the wants, and we believe that if the survey comprised up of a lot of people, the results would have been different.

Still, Samsung is attempting to win back the customer with efforts placed on the Galaxy S8. According to one report, the company has announced an upgrade program in which they will be able to return their previously owned Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge and get a Galaxy S8 in return. However, they will still have to pay 50 percent of the Galaxy S8’s retail price. Keep in mind that the company has only introduced this program in its local market, so it is yet to be decided if the smartphone giant will be introducing similar offers across other regions.

To discourage users from owning a Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has announced that it will be banning the phablet from working with mobile carriers, which pretty much means that you will not be able to make or receive calls, or call or send texts. Are you one of those consumers who would be open to the idea of owning another Samsung smartphone again? Tell us your thoughts in the comments right away.


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