Samsung Introduces A New Patent That Will Greatly Improve Its Smartphone’s Camera Performance In Low Light


Samsung has indeed come a long way as far as the camera performance of its smartphones go. However, despite those improvements, mobile devices have suffered from one pesky element and that has to do with the small sensor size placed inside these compact mobile computing gadgets. Low-light has always been the enemy of smartphone image sensors since the very first camera phones starting rolling out and the tech giant has a plan to substantially alleviate this issue through a patent filing.

Latest Samsung Patent Introduces A Color Splitter That Will Greatly Improve Camera Performance In Low-Light Areas – See The Details Of The Patent Right Here

Images and video with a high illumination volume delivers stellar quality, particularly on Samsung’s latest flagship duo. Now, it’s the low-light images and video that we need to worry about without having a bunch of other equipment to enhance that quality. In order to combat the deleterious effect of low-light, Samsung has patented a new technology that could go a long way in improving a camera’s low light performance. The idea that the firm wants to introduce to future mobile devices is to improve color reproduction and reduce noise by adding a color splitter that will improve the sensitivity of the image sensor.


Currently, conventional digital sensors make use of colored filters to transmit wavelengths that develop color inside an image, and according to the details of this patent, this results in a significant loss of light energy because the filters only absorbs light in all but one wavelength. Samsung’s patent stated that by splitting the light into two separate beams that loss of light can be prevented considerably because the sensor is not immediately hit with all wavelengths.


Sammobile has reported that the color reproduction will be separated into red and blue sub-pixels and the reds, greens, and blues of RGB will be treated separately. Using this approach, the color splitter will help the image sensor perform better in dim environments and reduce noise at higher ISOs. A Higher ISO value is used for the camera sensor to become more sensitive in low-light but it has terrible consequences for the image and video quality. If you see a lot of noise (or film grain, which are essentially spots forming on the screen), it obviously means that you’re sensor is subjected to an environment which has low-light.

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Unfortunately, since the patent has been filed recently, it will definitely take Samsung a while to bring this feature to future smartphones.