Folding Screen? Check. Iris Recognition? Check. Samsung’s Latest Patent Has It All


Samsung's been a lot in the news lately. The Korean tech giant's Galaxy S8 is a regular feature of the rumor mill. However, the S8 isn't the only device that Samsung's working on. We've heard quite a lot about the company's Project Valley lately. It's a foldable smartphone, which will add a taste of the past to the technology of the present. Now, an interesting tidbit has surfaced about Project Valley. Take a look below to find out more.

Samsung's Folding Smartphone Will Feature Biometric Recognition Suggests Patent

Smartphone tech is finally moving in the right direction. We've started to see new technologies related to biometrics surface. Both Apple and Samsung will utilize it in their flagships for the year. The iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 will feature virtual fingerprint sensors/home buttons. These, will contribute towards an edge to edge display and make for some very aesthetically rewarding devices.

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In fact, if the Note 7 lineup didn't end up in flames, we'd see Iris scanning become the norm in flagship mobile markets as well. Samsung's ill fated phablet wasn't a complete failure and brought the much anticipated, albeit leaked, feature to the market. Now, the Korean tech giant will try the feature on Project Valley, its folding smartphone project. Some patents have come to light, which shed more light on the feature.


Taking a look at the image above, we get to see a very unique way of biometric recognition on a smartphone. Two sensors are involved, which recognize both fingerprint and iris measurements. Security is a major concern in today's digital age and the tech looks to provide quite a creative way to unlock smartphones. If the technology is launched on a folding device, then we'd be eager to see if it can only be opened once the sensors have been used.

Samsung's in a bit of a rough spot lately, due to the Galaxy Note 7. To make matters worse, we've also seen reports of other devices made by the Korean manufacturer explode as well. It's expected to launch at least one folding phone this year, so fingers crossed. A new and innovative device would be just the right thing for Samsung at the moment. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.