Samsung Foldable Display Might Also Rock An In Built Projector, According To Patent Details


Only this month, Samsung was able to publish a patent at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office which revolved around a foldable smartphone. However, there is one little and one very interesting detail that was not detailed in the patent, till now. Let us see what that is.

Samsung Exynos!!!!!

Foldable Display To Feature In Built Project – Will Samsung Actually Deliver Such A Handset?

According to Patently Mobile, the foldable smartphone will look like a digital booklet; able to fold like a proper physical notebook. While history shows that Samsung has been working on this tech since a very long time, we are actually waiting when the company will actually be able to deliver such a product in the market. Since we know that Galaxy S7 is definitely not going to be rocking such a feature, and most likely the Galaxy Note 6 will be void of it too, so we can place our hopes on another product that could end up coming in 2016.

Coming to the actual details, the patent shows that a new hinge system that will support bending a single large display in half when the smartphone is closed or folded over as noted in our cover graphic. The key new features that stand out in Samsung's latest iteration of their foldable smartphone design include the integration of hologram and projector components.


Details are currently scarce on how will we able to use this extremely nifty feature but we should expect that it will be more than just for viewing media on a large flat panel. In 2015, Lenovo showcased a tech that allowed a keyboard to be projected on a flat surface and allowed the user to interact with it just like a regular keyboard, so we should expect something along the same lines as this.

Just to refresh your memory, the patent was filed in June 2015, so it would be great if we could see a working product during June of this year. We are expecting that the specifications are going to be high-end otherwise the very existence of such a product is going to be nullified, but, at the same time, we cannot help wonder if the pricing of the upcoming product will be much higher compared to the company’s Galaxy S7. Whatever details currently elude us, we will definitely be updating you about them in the near future.

What do you think of Samsung’s foldable smartphone with an in built projector? Let us know your thoughts.