Samsung Music Gets a Redesign and Spotify Recommendations Tab


With the widespread availability of streaming services such as Spotify, Google Play Music and Apple Music, playing music off locally stored media is a dying trend. Personally, I prefer to lug around my music on an SD card, but I'm fairly certain I don't speak for a lot of the people out there. Samsung Music is the company's music player that’s optimized for Samsung’s Android devices and helps with easy interaction with Samsung smart devices such as TVs, wearables and tablets. Today’s update brings a new design for the music player which also adds a Spotify tab which will surface playlist recommendations.

The new Samsung Music update has a user interface that’s designed to be simple. The tab design change will allow users to easily swipe through their favorites, playlists, tracks, albums and more. A sort option has been added as well for effective sorting of tracks. It has also received minor QoL changes such as a crossfade feature which means that when you close the music player, the music will not cut off abruptly. It will fade out slowly, getting quieter before it ends completely. It's a small touch which might slip by unnoticed by most users, but good to have regardless.

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Most importantly, there’s a new Spotify tab in Samsung Music. It doesn't require you to have an existing Spotify account and won't ask you to link yours if you have one. All it does is provide playlist recommendations from Spotify. This tab will only be available in countries where Spotify offers its service. Samsung confirmed at the Galaxy Note 9 event in August that it has inked a long-term partnership with Spotify which will now be Samsung’s go-to music service across all of its devices. Samsung Music v16.2.14.14 is now available for download from Galaxy Apps. I haven't received the update on my Galaxy S9+ just yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to post some screenshots.


News Source: sammobile