Samsung Achieves Another Milestone: Crosses $268 Billion Market Cap for the First Time

Samsung market cap

Samsung continues to be struck with challenges but the company should consider itself lucky that it has its hands wrapped around several industries to rescue it. That level of dominance is what has helped the company achieve the latest milestone which is crossing the $268 billion market cap for the very first time in its existence.

Market Cap of Company Helps Samsung Cross the Valuation of Companies Like AT&T and Bank of America

According to market watchers, Samsung’s stock continued to grow for 5 days straight in anticipation of the Galaxy S8 announcement as well as the booming of semiconductor industries. According to a researcher for NH Investment & Securities (via ETNews), Samsung is expected to generate a huge amount of profit once more as he states the following:

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“Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor sector is estimated to make about $7.15 billion (8 trillion KRW) of operating profits per quarter after the second half of this year as improvement and its performance has become clear due to the booming of DRAM and NAND-flash industries.”

As most of you know, Samsung has dominated in several industries ranging from AMOLED panels, DRAM, and flash memory chips. It has its own foundries to produce chips manufactured on the 10nm FinFET architecture so the company does not have a problem if one division ends up losing money because the firm's rich business portfolio helps it to recover those losses by investing in other businesses.

We can all agree that the business with the Galaxy Note7 was indeed a tragic one for the company as well as those who ended up purchasing the device. Even with that fallout, the company managed to report a hefty profit as it relied on other phones, namely the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge to alleviate those losses. The announcement of the Galaxy S8 next week has a lot riding on the company's dominance in the Android smartphone market. LG, despite using a Snapdragon 821 in its flagship, unveiled one of the nicest phones you can buy right now.

If LG is able to make such improvements with its smartphone lineup, then there's no reason that Samsung should not be able to either. Both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are going to be announced on March 29 so let us see how far these devices go to further increase the market cap of the company.

Do you think these flagship phones will be able to make a difference for Samsung? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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