Samsung Galaxy S9 Beaten in Benchmarks by iPhone 8 & X


If there's one thing that iPhones have consistently beaten their competition at, it's benchmark results. Credit where it's due; Apple appears to have taken the art of manufacturing mobile SoCs to near perfection, and the competition doesn't appear to be catching up anytime soon. Take for example Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S9. The device runs Samsung's best and latest Exynos 9810 SoC, but still can't hold up against Apple's A11 bionic chip, released last year.

AnandTech tested the version powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 9810 chip, and described the results as ‘awkward.’ Not only was the S9 and S9+ beaten by both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in every test in which they were compared, but in three of the tests it was also bested by the nearly two-year-old iPhone 7. Thankfully, the S9 did emerge as the winner, when compared to equivalent Android devices.

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The person who performed the tests; Andrei Frumusanu stated that the dismal results could be attributed to a faulty device firmware or a faulty SoC. It's unclear at this point, even to him. He further adds

One of the Samsung spokesmen confirmed to me that the demo unit were running special firmware for MWC and that they might not be optimized. I’m having a bit of a hard time believing they would so drastically limit the performance of the device for the show demo units and less so that they would mess around with the scheduler settings.

Another reason for the fiasco could be due to the fact that Samsung often nerfs their Exynos chips to perform on par with the Snapdragon counterparts. However, it is a bit too early to write off the Exynos 9810, and we'll have to wait for the official release of the Galaxy S9. Yes, the results might be marginally, or even significantly better, but it's very unlikely that either one of the chips (the Exynos 9810 or the Snapdragon 845) are going to outperform the A11 Bionic.

News Source: 9to5mac