Samsung’s Galaxy S9 & S9+ Will Upgrade Iris Scanners To 3MP For Facilitation Of Mobile Banking, User Recognition With Glasses And More


Apple's introduction of Face ID on the iPhone X has put Android manufacturers in a tough spot. While Samsung was the first company to migrate from fingerprint sensors, the Korean tech giant faced a hiccup when its Note 7 failed as a product. Thereafter, the S8/S8+ failed to feature under the screen fingerprint recognition and at the moment, there isn't a future for the tech. However, if you're taking these developments to mean that Samsung won't improve bio-metric recognition on its upcoming devices, you're wrong. Today we've got more information for the Galaxy S9/S9+. Take a look below to find out more.

Samsung Will Improve Iris Scanning On The Galaxy S9 & S9+ In Order To Facilitate Mobile Banking

Right now, we've got some details for the upcoming Galaxy S9 lineup. Things aren't too clear, as concrete information for the smartphones hasn't come to light. Still, multiple sources have repeated several details. For starters, right now we believe that the S9 and S9+ will upgrade incrementally over their predecessors.

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Samsung will reduce the top and bottom bezels instead, allowing the smartphones' display to reach 90% of their front area. Now, we're hearing whispers that the company will upgrade Iris scanning on the S9 pair as well. Samsung introduced the feature with its Galaxy Note 7 and continued it on the S8 lineup, which feature an Iris scanner of 2MP resolution.

While Apple introduces Facial Recognition in the US, in South Korea manufacturers and banks are favoring Iris scanning. Just a couple of days back reports claimed that LG's upcoming G7 will also feature the technology. Now, the Korean Herald has a source with some details on Samsung's plans for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. According to the source, "Galaxy S9’s iris scanner will have an improved camera lens and functions to make it better to recognize the eyes of users. The iris camera lens will be improved to 3 megapixels from 2 megapixels of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 to capture clearer images. The scanner will better recognize users’ irises even when they wear eyeglasses, move their eyeballs or are in a too dark or too light environment."

Samsung will also make software improvements on its upcoming smartphones. These will ensure that its technology is compatible with security requirements of mobile banking. It's an interesting development. But as usual, nothing is set in stone until the product launches. We'll be here covering all the details. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

News Source: Korea Herald