Here’s How The Samsung Galaxy S8 Looks In The Flesh Based On Artistic Imagination


Samsung's Galaxy S8 is a regular feature of the news these days. Just like every year, the Korean tech giant's flagship smartphone is building a nice hype train prior to its launch. This year, Samsung's got even more riding on the S lineup than before. The Galaxy Note 7's failure has left the Korean tech giant quite red faced in the tech world. This has turned even more heads towards the Galaxy S8. Today, we've got some renders for you which are based on past leaks. Take a look below.

Artist's Depiction Of The Samsung Galaxy S8 Show What To Expect From Company Next Year

The Galaxy S8 has seen a wide range of rumors so far. The device should be quite a package if the information which has surfaced so far bears fruit. We've seen rumors surface about a dual camera, an iris scanner, an edge to edge display and a virtual home button. All of these will make the Galaxy S8 quite different in aesthetic terms to its predecessor. Now, today's renders provide us an initial look on what to expet from the device next year.

Courtesy of designer Venya Geskin, the images show a rather unorthodox device. The Galaxy S8 in these images has its display appearing disproportionate to its overall frame. This si due to the depiction of the edge to edge screen, which will undoubtedly bring its unusual aesthetic contributions to the device's overall look. These images are rather simple and show how the Galaxy S8 will look without side bezels and a home button.

As you can see above, the strikingly thin top bezels make for a more dominating sreen on the S8. The artist also illustrates how the virtual fingerprint sensor on the S8 might function, with a much reduced space to operate on. All in all, these images provide a nice breather from the usual host of leaks occurring lately. They also depart significantly from the current design theme on the Galaxy S7.

Samsung will need something different to recapture market attention after the catastrophe with the Galaxy Note 7. The Korean tech giant seems to be heading in a strong direction with the S8, according to the rumor mill. While these bits of information generally do end up on point w.r.t launches, nothing's set in stone until the actual product is launched. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.