Samsung Galaxy S8 Locked For March Release By Another Report; Mark Your Calendars Folks


It's a well known fact that the Samsung Galaxy S8 won't launch at the Mobile World Congress this month. Following the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung's reportedly being extra cautious with the device. We've had a lot of credible sources make this claim, and today, you can add another one to the mix. The Wall Street Journal claims that the Galaxy S8 won't launch at the MWC, with Samsung choosing to launch the device next month instead. Take a look below for more.

Samsung Will Launch The Galaxy S8 In March Claims Another Report

A lot of information has surfaced on the Galaxy S8 so far. The device will mark a near complete design overhaul of the lineup, with its edge to edge displays and bezel free front facade. It'll make significant software based improvements and will also feature the Snapdragon 835. The Wall Street Journal now claims that the smartphone will launch in March and feature nearly everything that's surfaced on the rumor mill so far.

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The highlight of the Journal's report is a March event for the S8, set to take place in New York City. Previous reports for the Galaxy S8 mark a March 29th launch date and an April 21st release date for the smartphone. Of course, this doesn't mean that Samsung won't make an appearance at the MWC. The Korean tech giant is reported to launch the Galaxy Tab S3 and limited viewings of the Galaxy S8 and its rumored folding smartphone.

Coupled with the launch date, the report also highlights other features for the flagship smartphone. Edged displays, 3.5mm earphone jacks, bezel free displays and a rear fingerprint sensor all surface in it. What's more is that the report also mentions that Samsung will now use Viv's technology for Bixby. Rather, the virtual assistant will be based on the Korean tech giant's S-assistant.

That isn't good news for smartphone lovers if you ask us. Samsung's software is notorious for not being good at almost anything. Still, as the company did acquire Viv, some of the maker's tech will make it on the Galaxy S8. We just hope that Bixby isn't a flop since Samsung's got a lot riding on the feature. A successful virtual assistant will go a long way for the Galaxy S8. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest. We'll keep you updated.