[U] Samsung Galaxy S8 Limited Showcase At MWC? Press Invites Sent Out By Company For Unrelated Launch


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is turning out to be quite a device indeed. The  Korean tech giant is all set to break away from a lot of norms for this year's flagship. For starters, it won't launch the Galaxy S8 at the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress. Samsung's Note 7 fiasco has left a lot to be desired from the company, given that its last successful flagship was the Galaxy S6. Now, the company has sent out press invites for the MWC. Take a look below for more.

Samsung Sends Press Invites For Galaxy Tab S3 MWC Viewing; S8 To Make Appearance?

Deciding to take it slow with the Galaxy S8, Samsung will launch the device in March. The company wants to close out any safety loopholes on the device, as another Note 7-esque disaster won't do it any favors. However, ever the eager to build up the hype train, Samsung has sent out invites for the Galaxy Tab S3 at the MWC. While the Korean tech giant won't launch the device, members of the press might be able to view it.

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In addition, sources from Korea bear some more good news. Samsung will also play a short one minute video on the Galaxy S8. This will highlight the device's selling features, and will include Bixby, an edge to edge screen and more details. The company's got a lot riding on the Galaxy S8. 10nm and an all new design will spell the future for Samsung. So we're hoping that it ties all lose ends on the smartphone effectively this year.

Samsung DeX Continuum dock for Galaxy S8

But while invites have been sent out for the MWC, whether Samsung will show us a video as well is still speculation. Needlessly, whether it does or doesn't is pointless at this point. The rumor mill's been very gracious for leaks related to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge. So we're not sure of what new features Samsung will show in its alleged MWC video.

Aside from a dedicated virtual assistant, the Galaxy S8 will also feature an all new mode termed 'Dex'. This will bring Microsoft's Continuum like functionality to the device and make full use of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835, which will support x86. It's going to be one of the biggest smartphone features of 2017, especially as Samsung's got a huge fan base. For our part, we're just hoping that the S8 doesn't end up like the Note 7. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.