Here’s How The Galaxy S8’s Desktop Platform ‘Dex’ Will Look


Not a day passes that we don't get to see mention of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The Korean tech giant will launch two devices next month. Dubbed the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus, the pair will only feature edged screens, come with 10nm processors, remove buttons from the front and improve software. Today, some details related to Samsung's 'Dex' platform for the Galaxy S8 have surfaced. Take a look below for more.

Samsung's Desktop Platform 'Dex' Surfaces In Image Providing Connectivity Details

As our smartphones advance, its becoming less about standalone functionality and more about connectivity. Microsoft's approach with Continuum aims towards providing a holistic experience that extends mobile connectivity to desktops as well. Samsung will introduce a similar feature with the Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, called Dex.

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Even as the Galaxy S8 pair are regular features of the rumor mill, little details have surfaced on Dex. It'll mark a big software win for Samsung, a company that's well known for its hardware centered approach. Taking a look at the image below, we see that Dex will work with a dock and a HDMI connector.

So far, we've learned that Dex won't require USB Type-C connectivity to work, and will hook up using an external port. It looks pretty neat according to today's image. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be a performance powerhouse according to the rumor mill. The device will feature 10nm processors from Samsung and Qualcomm combined with 6GB RAM. That's a big punch and will prove adequate to support basic desktop level features.

With little over a month left until the launch of the Galaxy S8, we hope that more details on Samsung's desktop platform surface. It'll mark the next step for the lineup. In fact, the company will provide special focus on software this year as well. The S8 and S8 plus will feature their own virtual assistant dubbed Bixby. It'll perform basic and complex functions such as placing calls, reminders and perform location based functions. It's a great year for mobile folks. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest. We'll keep you updated in the meanwhile.