Samsung Galaxy S8 To Feature Four Camera Sensors; Resolutions, Model Details Surface


The launch of the Galaxy Note 7 came with a couple of surprises. A lot of quarters expected Samsung to launch the device with the Snapdragon 821. The US chipmaking giant and the Korean manufacturer do work very closely when it comes to these matters. Still, the only major upgrade we got to see was an Iris sensor being introduced. Now, just as we've been expecting, Samsung's flagship smartphone for next year, the Galaxy S8 has started to surface in similar rumors. Take a look below to find out more.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Now Rumored To Feature Four Separate Camera Sensors Next Year

When it comes to flagships, the rumor mill has been very active over the past couple of years. Months before a new gadget is launched, we start to see new information surface about devices. Samsung's Galaxy S lineup and Apple's iPhone lineup have been particularly attractive targets of leaks. Both the lineups have seen near complete specifications surface prior to launches. This removes the element of surprise almost completely from the equation.

True to form, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has already surfaced in a couple of leaks so far. Some of the specifications rumored for the device appear to be quite far fetched indeed. For starters, we've been hearing quite a bit about 4K, UHD displays for the device. Additionally, some rumors have also claimed 6GB RAM and a dual camera setup for the device. It's the latter which has surfaced once again in the rumor mill today, coupled with Iris recognition for the device.


According to famed Chinese leaker, ice_universe, Samsung's Galaxy S8 will feature a dual camera setup and an Iris scanner. The dual rear camera for the device will come with resolutions of 12 and 13MP. The front camera will feature an 8MP sensor for the primary lens, while the second one will be dedicated for Iris scanning. As far as photographic specifications for a flagship device go, four cameras really is the maximum you can do.

Samsung and Sony will manufacture the dual camera. The Galaxy S8 will feature Samsung's s5K2L@ camera sensor. It is very likely that a dual camera makes it on the device.  After all, LG took the ball before both Apple and Samsung. If Cupertino really does launch the iPhone 7 Plus with a dual camera on board, then it'll only be Samsung with a major flagship that doesn't come with the feature. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be with us in around six months. More should surface o the device. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.