The 128GB Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Cost $943 In Asia Claims Leak


In little over a month, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8. The smartphone is a regular feature of the rumor mill, with a lot of details about multiple variants having surfaced so far. The latest talk in town suggests that Samsung will launch two variants of the device. These will be the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Both of these will feature screen edges, with the company set to discontinue flat screen variants this year. In addition to standard variants, highly spec'd out S8 smartphones have also surfaced. Today, we've got more information on these. Take a look below for more.

Premium Galaxy S8 Versions For Asia Rumored With Price Tags That Exceed $800

The flagship smartphone race never fails to impress. In a bid to to out do each other, manufacturers are in a constant rush to equip their devices with all the latest specifications and features. To that end, the Samsung Galaxy S8 won't disappoint. It's surfaced in a lot of leaks and rumors so far. Nearly all of these suggest unique and new features for the device. As a matter of fact, a recent leak went quite far when it comes to top tier specifications.

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A tipster out of China believes that Samsung will launch special variants of the device with 6GB of RAM and 64/128GB internal storage options. These will be available only in Asia, especially in Samsung's home country South Korea and China. Today, we've got more information on these devices. The same source also believes that they will also come with rather exorbitant price tags.

Galaxy S8 price tag higher

The 64GB device will feature a price tag of $885 and the 128GB one will leave you $943 lighter. That's a lot to ask for a smartphone. Generally, it's Apple who comes under a lot of criticism for high prices. However, if these rumors bear fruit, then Samsung will have beat Cupertino in yet another aspect of the smartphone world. Keep in mind that the numbers above have been translated from the Chinese Yuan. Therefore, they're unlikely to represent actual prices at time of launch.

Nevertheless, they do give us a nice estimate of what it'll cost to have a 6GB Galaxy S8 with 128GB of storage in pocket. And it isn't a nice estimate to be honest. For the avid users with deep pockets, we're sure that the price will be worth it. For the rest of us, we'll just have to do with standard variants of the Galaxy S8. They'll feature a 10nm processor on board, so that will be enough for satisfying a lot of appetites. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest. We'll keep you updated.