Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Not Be Released This Year

Only recently, it was reported that Samsung was prepping to roll out the successor of its Galaxy S6 duo during the second half of 2015, Galaxy S7. The smartphone was expected to be running the company’s custom core but sadly, the release of this particular handset is not going to be witnessed this year, which only means that your high spirits will have to come tumbling down thanks to a false rumor. However, on a lighter note, you guys will still be able to witness the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Galaxy S7 Will Be Released During The First Half Of 2016

According to Business Korea, Samsung Electronics Marketing Division had stated in an interview that:

“There is no change in our policy to release products on schedule, including the S series.”

In short, your cash saving habits will probably have to continue for a while longer because we already know that Samsung’s plate is becoming full with the imminent launch of Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5. Galaxy S7 could have been possible, but then it would have pointless since it would feature the same 14 nm FinFET SoC that the Galxay S6 duo and Galaxy Note 5 would be comprised up of.

Samsung’s upcoming flagship phablet will most likely be taking on Apple’s iPhone 6s duo, which will feature mobile chipsets manufactured on the same 14 nm FinFET process, meaning that we are going to witness a clash of mobile titans in the near future.

Samsung is expected to release Galaxy S6 Edge Plus during the month of September, followed by the release of Galaxy Note 5. This is going to be the same month where the Cupertino tech giant will also be gearing up to unveil its highly anticipated smartphone duo. Things are about to get heated up in the near future, and like always, we will be here to provide you with constant updates.

Image source: Phone Arena

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