Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Sees $200+ Price Cut On Ebay

Samsung seemed to have a winner on its hands with the launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge earlier this year. After the Korean manufacturer debuted its curved screen on the Galaxy Note 4 Edge earlier, users got interested and the Galaxy S6 Edge, with its dual curved screen further solidified the concept.

But then Samsung underestimated demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge and that, coupled with some other factors saw the device see falling demand and increasing price cuts. And while Samsung's tried to revive interest in the S6 Edge with the launch of the S6 Edge Plus, looks like the Galaxy S6 Edge isn't in for a good couple of months at the minimum.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Goes For $550 On Ebay

We saw T-Mobile reduce Samsung's Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge prices by nearly a $100  while back, which marked the formal introduction of price cuts on Samsung's devices which had already started to take place across Europe. But if you thought that T-Mobile's price cuts were too much for the Galaxy S6, wait till you get to see what the device is going for on Ebay today. In case you're not a fan of images, either take a look at the image above or at the link at the bottom of this post.

That's right folks, the Galaxy S6 Edge is going for $550 on Ebay, and before you start to have any thoughts, no, the device is not a refurbished model of the device. Brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 units, which will also be fully unlocked have started to go on Ebay today, and that too without shipping costs added to the mix. While U.S customers are generally in good luck when it comes to listings, the $550 Galaxy S6 Edge can be pre-ordered in a variety of regions outside the U.S as well. So learn more about the details here and let us know of any similar offers you might have come across in the comments section below.

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