Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Tipped Off With 20 MP Camera With Enhanced Software

As MWC draws nearer, we see more and more news surface about the Samsung Galaxy S6. Today it seems is a day for the camera on the device, which by the looks of things will be one impressive module indeed. Earlier today, Samsung's R&D head made some impressive claims about camera improvements on the Galaxy S6. These improvements are expected to center around minimum user-device interaction with Samsung's focus on the resolution to remain constant as well. Well, more news has surfaced in the camera department, courtesy of folks over at SamMobile.

galaxy s6 prototypeSamsung Galaxy S6 To Come With All New 'Pro' Mode And 20 MP Camera Resolution

Courtesy of folks over at SamMobile, we can speculate with some surety as to what camera resolution the Samsung Galaxy S6 will come offering. A Galaxy S6 prototype accessed by one of their sources seems to have a 20 MP camera sensor on board. More interestingly, both the rear and the front camera sensors for the device seem to have been manufactured by Samsung, with model numbers SLSI_S5K2T2_FIMC_IC and SLSI_S5K4E6_FIMC_IS. The front camera sensor is being said to have a resolution of 5 MP, following in the lines of the Galaxy Alpha series. The rear camera for the Galaxy S6 is being said to take photographs in the following resolutions:

  • 20MP (image resolution of 5952×3348)
  • 15MP (image resolution of 4464×3348)
  • 11MP (image resolution of 3344×3344)
  • 8MP (image resolution of 3264×2448)
  • 6MP (image resolution of 3264×1836)
  • 2.4MP (image resolution of 2048×1152)

Aside from the 20 MP rear camera sensor, the Galaxy S6 also comes running camera software based on Android Lollipop's APIs. The device comes with a 'Pro' mode for the camera that allows users to choose between three focus modes and potentially more control over other camera factors such as shutter speed. The 'Pro' mode follows in line with Samsung's R&D Head, DangHoon Jang's statements made earlier today. All in all, looks like a special focus has been made towards camera on the Galaxy S6 by Samsung, and we're eagerly awaiting for Samsung's Unpacked Event this March to learn more. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated.

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