Galaxy S21 Ultra With Exynos 2100 Gets Disassembled – No mmWave Modules, but Parts Are Easily Replaceable

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Galaxy S21 Ultra With Exynos 2100 Gets Disassembled - No mmWave Modules, but Parts Are Easily Replaceable

This year, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Almost immediately afterward, a teardown video of the most affordable member was published. The same individual has posted a disassembly video of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, showing how its innards are arranged and how easy it is to remove some parts.

One Ribbon Cable Is Fixed to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Making Repairs Difficult; Battery Is Also Difficult to Remove Due to Lack of Pull Tabs

Another teardown video has been posted by PBKreviews, this time of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and it’s the international variant featuring the Exynos 2100. Unfortunately, there are no mmWave antenna modules to be found on this flagship. Keep in mind that with the previous disassembly video showing the Galaxy S21, we could see what appeared to be Qualcomm’s third-generation QTM535 mmWave antenna modules. While there is space to accommodate these chips, they can’t be found on the latest flagship.

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Two more aspects make repairs difficult for Galaxy S21 Ultra owners. One is a wider ribbon cable that’s fixed into place. Additionally, there are no pull tabs on the battery either. To remove the cell, you’ll have to remove the display first, after which you’ll be able to remove the battery, which is fixed in place by a lot of adhesive. Where every other component is painless and simple to remove, Samsung should have made the battery easy to replace too since it degrades over time.

You also cannot remove the in-display scanner since that’s fixed in place as well. Even if there was a way to, chances are the new fingerprint reader won’t work as Samsung is reportedly locking down third-party repairs like Apple. While taking apart the Galaxy S21 Ultra was simple enough; it’s the little things like restricting easy access to the battery is what inhibits users from replacing components themselves.

If you wish to check out the Galaxy S21 Ultra teardown video, it’s given below. When you’re finished, let us know what you thought down in the comments.

News Source: PBKreviews

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