Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Features in a YouTube Video


Samsung is trying to boost up the sales of highly priced Galaxy Note 8.0. The company released a YouTube video which is featuring a well-known animator from London. The animator from the popular RSAnimate series is seen to be using the Galaxy Note 8.0 in his daily life sketching work and other regular activities.

In an attempt to showcase the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 as a device which combines it all in just a single device, Andrew Park has been starred using the tablet every day to draw sketches, save ideas, and do many more tasks with the help of Note 8.0. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 features in this YouTube video as the ultimate tablet for a creative person giving the ability to save spontaneous creative ideas and moment.

The Galaxy Note 8.0, priced at $399, is an 8 incher tablet with a set of specifications that are surely not of the highest class. Since the specs mostly can be found in cheaper replacements, the image of Note 8.0 is being tried to set higher and this video has apparently done some good job.

The Galaxy Note 8 is definitely perfect for people who look for a device that combines both drawing and note taking capabilities with regular, daily life functions. Since the Note 8.0 has an S Pen, the company can afford to sell it with almost an exorbitant price tag for a device with these features. The Multi Window function has also been showcased in this video.

You can watch this video of Andrew Park using Galaxy Note 8.0 from YouTube.