The Galaxy Note 7 Is Back; WiFi Named After Device Causes Commotion On Board Airliner


Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is a famous device. Despite being discontinued by Samsung, it still manages to make headlines. The smoke emitting phablet from Samsung has cost the company as much as throttling created problems for Qualcomm. Now, even though the tech world moves forward to the Galaxy S8, the Note 7's legacy still lingers. Today we've got another story for you which involves an aircraft, emergency landing and disgruntled passengers. Take a look below for more.

A Galaxy Note 7's WiFi Hotspot Causes Emergency Landing For Plane And Causes Delay

When it comes to airplanes, a lot of folks tend to be extra cautious. After all, flying doesn't come naturally to us humans. Air travel itself involves a large amount of precautionary measures. It's one of the reasons flying is one of the safest modes of travel. Yet, when disaster strikes, the consequences are equally devastating. Therefore, aviation authorities and airlines all around the world prohibit a large array of items from being carried on-board.

A new item entered that list recently. Rather than a firearm or an incendiary, it was Samsung's good old Galaxy Note 7 - expected at one time to take on Apple's iPhone 7. While the device has been completely recalled by the company, it still manages to make its presence known. Airlines all around the world now specifically warn passengers against carrying one on board. Now, twitter user Serenity Caldwell has an interesting story to tell us.

What makes today's developments even more interesting is that there was no Galaxy Note 7 on board the flight. The user in question had simply renamed his device's Wi-Fi hub as Galaxy Note 7. This seeming mistake caused the flight to be delayed and inconvenience to a lot of passengers. You can take a look at the network in the third image above, courtesy of Lucas Wojciechowski.

Just goes to show how the smallest of things have the potential to cause great discomfort. We're just glad that an actual Galaxy Note 7 wasn't on board the flight. IT would've caused an emergency landing and repercussions for its owners. Samsung's unwittingly chosen an interesting way to gain fame, even if it's ill earned. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.