Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy Note 2 – Differences, Updates & Let Downs

With the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 upon us, it is good time to actually quantify all the features - that we know from rumors and speculations - against those of its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2. Only a year ago, in August 2012, Samsung held the stage in Germany to showcase its latest like of Galaxy Note Phablets. The then new Galaxy Note 2 replaced the original Samsung Phablet with improved S Pen stylus and bigger screen size. It came like an storm, hitting several of the carriers in United States.

Keeping that type of show in mind, Samsung is really expected to up its game even more to triumph the mystique of Galaxy Note 2. The device remains one of the top choices for those going for Android platform due to is high-end hardware and a neat software that takes full advantage of the S Pen. Galaxy Note 2 also became the favorite of those who like to be productive on the go.

But the time for this fantastically received smartphone has almost come to an end too with rumors of third generation Note swirling up. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will become the flagship smartphone, but it would not replace Galaxy Note 2 completely, as the second gen Note will remain on the shelves.

Expected to be released later this year, the details are kept in mystery but we do have a good lead on rumors and speculations to expect what is going to come down with Note 3. So let's start this journey of measuring up the third generation Note with soon-going-old Galaxy Note 2 from the details that we have managed to catch yet.


Since the Galaxy Note series is largely known for its large displays and the design, it looks like the company will focus both on increasing the size and also on improving the resolution from that of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 display. As numerous sources agree, the display will be somewhere between 5.7 inches and 6 inches, which means and increment of 0.2 to 0.5-inches.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is confirmed to be checking in with 1080p resolution - just like Samsung Galaxy S4 - upped from the 720p of Galaxy Note 2. It will increase the pixel-per-inch count and hence improve the experience giving better looking content and better gaming experience on the phablet.


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Early on, rumors suggested that Samsung was toying with several different Samsung Galaxy Note 3 designs including one that was made of metal. More recently, rumors have insisted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will not take on a metal design but instead, will utilize a plastic design like its predecessors and the well-known Galaxy S4.

In fact, the device is said to have a design that is similar to the Galaxy S4, which could mean that Samsung will use more durable plastic and a faux-metal band around the side of the device. It could also mean that it will have rounded corners.

Rumors also suggest that Samsung will be trimming the Galaxy Note 3 down from the dimensions of the Galaxy Note 2. While the Galaxy Note 2 checked in with a 9.4mm frame and a weight of 180 grams, the Galaxy Note 3 is expected to be slimmed down to around 8mm and weight just a tad over 180 grams at 182 grams. The difference is likely due to the rumored increase in display size.

If the display does increase, consumers should expect the Galaxy Note 3 to be taller than the Galaxy Note 2 and possess a bit larger of a footprint. Those that need a visual can simply take a look at what Samsung did with the Galaxy S4 which is taller and slimmer than the Galaxy S3.

Users should also expect a microSD card slot for expanded memory and a removable back for use with wireless charging and an extended battery, hallmarks of Samsung’s plastic designs.

RAM & Processor:

The Galaxy Note 2 was released with 2-GB RAM, and the third generation Note will be supported with a 3-GB of RAM to help increase performance on the new Galaxy Note.

When you compare Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy Note 2, the processor has to be different with the new model. When Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was arrived with Exynos 4 quad-core processor, it was the best in terms of quality at that time. But since then, chip industry has improve a lot, giving better battery life along with improved performance.

The new chips ruling the smartphone industry are Snapdragon 800 quad-core from Qualcomm and the Exynos 5 Octa - actually the same quad-core - which were introduced in CES 2013 and have been used in Galaxy S4. Like the Galaxy S4, Samsung might go with two variants, rolling out based on regions. Samsung can also choose to pick and stick with one, nothing is confirmed yet. However, it is sure that Galaxy Note 3 will likely be dominating Note 2 with a better processor to give better battery and performance.


It has been suggested that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be coming with a 13MP camera sensor - same as the Galaxy S4 - to improve the photo and video quality of the Note series. The major off putting aspect of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was its camera's substandard quality in low-light, which would be improved with a better camera. The camera in Note 3 will also come with 3X optical zoom, putting it in high leagues.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note series is known for its powerful software. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 arrived with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on board, one of the first devices to possess the software out of the box, and it also delivered powerful features for the device’s S Pen stylus including the popular S Note note taking application and the well-known Multi-View Feature.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 remains on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean though an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update, loaded with features from the Galaxy S4′s version of TouchWiz, is supposedly en route sometime this quarter. Galaxy Note 2 owners should also expect to receive a number of the Galaxy Note 3′s features down the road as well.

hose software features remain unknown though one rumor suggests that the device will usher in a camera feature called Samsung Orb that is similar to the 360 panorama feature, Photo Sphere, which is found in Android 4.2.

It’s clear that the Galaxy Note 3 will have some of the software found on the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note 2 borrowed from the Galaxy S3 after all, though unique features, particularly when it comes to the S Pen, remain firmly in the shadows.

Release Date

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Obviously, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release date has come and gone which means that the device is only biding its time before its flag is lowered and a new flagship Galaxy Note emerges. That Galaxy Note is said to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which has quickly become one of the most heavily rumored smartphones of the year.

Like the Galaxy S4, Samsung has been unable to quell leaks and the Galaxy Note 3 has leaked out numerous times over the past few months. One of the details that has leaked out is the Galaxy Note 3 launch date which is thought to be similar to the launch dates of the previous Galaxy Note models.

In the past, Samsung has used IFA 2013 as a springboard for its Galaxy Note announcements and signs are pointing to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 arrival at or around IFA 2013. At the moment, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch date has been pegged for an Unpacked event on September 4th, just two days ahead of IFA. Samsung typically hosts its own event outside IFA and then uses the show to showcase its device.

Earlier this year, Samsung hosted its Unpacked Episode 1 event for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and that likely means that Episode 2 will be for the Galaxy Note 3. As for its release date, it’s said to be possibly be coming in late September, though no date has been given. The release date, or at least a release window, will likely be given at the event.


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Samsung’s new Galaxy Note should arrive on the usual suspects. One of the biggest upgrades that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 had was a multiple carrier launch. While the original Galaxy Note was stuck on AT&T and T-Mobile, the Galaxy Note 2 arrived on all five of the largest service providers in the U.S.

And with the Galaxy Note 2 as successful as it is, and with the same carriers picking up the Galaxy S4, we expect AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon to all offer the Galaxy Note 3.

The only hint of a carrier thus far was a rumor that claimed that Samsung was meeting with executives to show off a Galaxy Note 3 prototype ahead of its launch. AT&T has been a close partner of Samsung, launching several Galaxy S4 branded smartphones and the past two Galaxy Note models, so at the very least we should see AT&T.


Nothing has been leaked about the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 yet. Nonetheless, it is expected that the pricing will fall in line with the previous models. The device would be in market somewhere between $550 and $650, while likely at $299.99 from T-Mobile on contract.

The Note 2 however would be sold in lower price tags, good time to get hold of this fantastic phablet?


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