Samsung Is Giving Away Free 256GB MicroSD Cards for Your Galaxy S7 But Time Is Running Out


Sales of the Galaxy S7 and its different versions are still going strong and Samsung intends to capitalize on the situation till it goes onto announcing the Galaxy S8. Since all versions of the Galaxy S7 can support a MicroSD card, the company is giving you the golden opportunity to purchase any model of the current-gen flagship and grab yourself a free storage card. Why is this deal such a good offer? It is because the storage card isn’t just a high capacity card, but its rated for improved read and write speeds too, which will come in handy when you’re recording UHD videos from your Galaxy flagship.

Samsung Giving Away a Free EVO+ MicroSD Card Featuring a Capacity of 256GB – Here’s How Can You Can Become Eligible for the Offer?

The latest promotion that Samsung is offering revolves around the purchase of one of the three listed devices between now and February 14.

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  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 edge
  • Galaxy S7 active

The smartphones can either purchased at their full retail prices or through an installment plan, which will last for two years. Customers who purchased either one of the three handsets through or the Shop Samsung app will automatically see the storage card being added to their cart at checkout.

For those that have purchased a smartphone from a carrier or retailer will have to submit an offer claim form before February 21. They will only receive their freebie from Samsung once their offer claim form and all relevant information present in it has been verified.

The company has also mentioned that a total of 75,000 MicroSD cards will be given out as part of the offer, so if you haven’t purchased a Galaxy S7 or a different model as yet, we highly recommend that you become one of the recipients that gain a free 256GB storage card.

Unfortunately, the offer is only applicable to customers living in the United States.