Samsung Executive Takes A Jab At Apple’s iPhone With A Headphone Jack Remark

Omar Sohail
Samsung Executive Takes A Jab At Apple’s iPhone With A Headphone Jack Remark

Samsung will take every opportunity to belittle Apple and its iPhone family as much as possible and with the upcoming iPhone 7 rumored to come without a headphone jack, the Korean firm’s executive decided to take a strong jab against the Cupertino tech giant’s company. Keep in mind that the remark was made during the official announcement of Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Executive Makes A Playful Remark That Galaxy Note 7 Features A Headphone Jack Whereas An iPhone Might Not

During the Galaxy Note 7’s official announcement, Samsung’s senior Vice President Justin Denison was highlighting the important features of the 5.7-inch phablet and while debriefing the crowd, he managed to state something that was in line with taking a jab at Apple and its iPhone 7, which is rumored to come without a headphone jack.

“Do you wanna know what else it comes with? An audio jack...I'm just saying.”

Using remarks like this, Samsung has always attempted to strike Apple where it hurts, but analysts are still optimistic that Apple’s iPhone growth will commence after the official release of the iPhone 7 family.


Coming to the hardware side of the smartphone, Galaxy Note 7 is going to be shipped out in the following models:

  • Exynos 8890: Running a quad-core M1 Mongoose processor running at 2.15GHz, and quad-core Cortex-A53 running at 1.5GHz. GPU is an ARM Mali-T880 MP12
  • Snapdragon 820: Running a dual-core 2.15GHz Kryo and a dual-core 1.6GHz Kryo processor

The display tech used is Super AMOLED and features a much larger screen-to-body ratio in comparison to a Galaxy S7 edge. The Super AMOLED has several benefits over other display tech; it is able to consume less power and allow manufacturers to potentially reduce the thickness of future smartphones, and this is one of the contributing reasons why a Galaxy Note 7 sports a sleek form factor. The rear camera does provide support for shooting images in RAW and recording 4K videos as well.


Samsung has not mentioned other internal storage models, so we guess that 64GB of internal memory is all that you’re going to be getting. However, with a MicroSD card slot available, we highly doubt that you will using up all of that internal memory. Galaxy Note 7 also provides support for wireless charging, and the scheduled release date of the phablet is August 19.

What did you think of the remark made by the senior Vice President? Tell us your thoughts right away.

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