Samsung to Announce Its Earnings on October 13 – Analysts Report Positive Outlook Due to Component Sales

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Samsung earnings guidance October 13

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With positive outcomes coming out of Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Note 8 sales plus several other industries under its thumb, market analysts are confident over the growth of Samsung. The Korean tech firm is scheduled to announce its earnings guidance on October 13 and increased demand of semiconductors and other components can result in a positive financial year for the company.

Samsung Could Be Earning a Whopping Operating Profit of $44 Billion USD This Year

Increasing demand of semiconductors for DRAM and NAND flash memory sales has encouraged market analysts to provide a positive outlook on Samsung’s growth. Kim Yang-jae, an analyst from KTB Investment & Securities, according to The Investor has stated the following in an investment report.

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“Although the new iPhones have been short of boosting demand for chips worldwide, high demand for chips in the Chinese smartphone, PC and server sectors will continue to drive up semiconductor prices.”

Samsung has also been rumored to earn around $110 per iPhone X model sold, on account that the company is the sole provider of OLED screens for Apple right now, and with its dominance over the California-based company expected to be maintained till 2019, the company’s growth does not appear to be stopping.

According to data compiled by market research firm FnGuide, Samsung’s operating profit in the third quarter of this year is expected to come in at a staggering 14.3 trillion won (around $12.61 billion USD), up 175.7 percent on-year. When taking the operating profit from just the semiconductor division, it is expected to stand at 10.5 trillion won (around $9.7 billion USD), accounting for 73 percent of Samsung’s entire operating income.

The increased demand in semiconductors means that Samsung might able to record a 50-trillion won profit (around $44.1 billion USD) for the first time this year, and with its earnings guidance expected to be announced on October 13, we’ll relay all the information to you on the aforementioned date.

News Source: The Investor

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