Samsung Might Be Looking At Cheaper Edged Devices With An All New Device Expected Before Note 5 Edge


Samsung's been criticized often for not being innovative enough for its devices. In fact, prior to the launch of the Galaxy S6 Duo this year, Samsung's devices came merely with a bump in specifications, a few new features and a new name. But looks like the Korean electronics giant has learned from its past mistakes as word has started to surface about another Edged device from Samsung, prior to the Galaxy Note 5 Edge's launch this year.

Samsung's Looking To Launch Yet Another Edge Model Before Note 5's Launch This Year

So strong was the market response for Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge this year, that the Korean manufacturer has been in a rush to increase production at staggering rates. Samsung seems to have hit a winner with the curved screen idea and it seems eager to cash in on it as much as possible. Not only is the Galaxy Note 5 also expected to come with a three sided display this year, but, according to word out of Samsung's home territory Korea, Samsung's also toying with an idea of another Edge model ahead of the Note 5 Edge's launch this year.

Another Edged device from Samsung would be interesting to see indeed. While the curved screen has been limited to flagship models of Samsung's devices, could the Korean manufacturer be looking to make it more common and affordable? Samsung clearly does have the capability to do so, with large scale manufacturing and cost cutting. Apart from the curved screen, we do not have anything else to tell you about this mysterious Samsung device right now, so take your time before you get your hopes up. Whatever the case may be, 2015 seems to be a good year for Samsung with the Galaxy S6 duo already having been received warmly and the Note 5 being highly anticipated as well. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated and let us know what you think in the comments section.