Samsung Could Become the Most Profitable Company for Q2 2017 – Figures Show Beating Apple’s Estimates


Given the fact that Samsung has its fingers dug in several industries, there is no question that the tech giant would be having a great 2017 when it comes revenue generation. Now, according to a report originating from Korea, it looks like Samsung might become the world’s most profitable company for the second quarter of this year, at least for the tech category. The report also states that Samsung might surpass Apple’s earnings, which is a huge feat by any standard.

Majority of Samsung’s Earnings Have Come From NAND, DRAM, and AMOLED Production Business - Smartphones Might Not Contribute Heavily to This Profit Generation

The latest report from ET News states that Samsung will eventually release its financial results for the second quarter of this year, and the performance of the firm is going to be nothing like it is before. It claims that while adjustments are going to be made in the upcoming report, it is even possible that the reported profits are much higher than the predicted $11.6 billion to $12.3 billion USD that Samsung is poised to make.

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Are you curious to what Apple is expected to generate this quarter? The same report states that the Cupertino tech company’s operating profits are set to be in the $10.5 billion USD range, revealing that Samsung would have surpassed its rival in the latest financial earnings.

Comparing the earnings of other companies too, the report also states that the combined operating profits of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google are currently estimated to be at around $11.15 billion USD by the end of the second quarter, which is less than what Samsung is expected to generate.

As stated earlier, smartphones, tablets, and notebooks are not the primary revenue generator for the company since it has its hands dug in several industries ranging from NAND flash, DRAM, and AMOLED panels for mobile devices. Lots of companies, including Apple have either transitioned or will be transitioning to this display technology, leading to Samsung to generate an even higher operating profit.

Do you think that Samsung will finally display a higher growth than its nemesis when it officially releases its second quarter financial results? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.


News Source: ET News