10nm FinFET For Mobile Is Here; Samsung Claims World’s First 10nm Mobile SoC Technology


Looks like Samsung has big plans for its future this time around. After the manufacturer chose to use its own in-house Exynos 7420 as the SoC of choice in the company's upcoming Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge flagship devices, it has made another strong hardware announcement today. As soon as word started to surface about the Korean giant's decision to equip the upcoming devices with its 14nm processor, the media started to speculate about potential power consumption and processing advantages on the processor that can only be tested once the devices become available. But 14nm isn't where the the buck stops at Samsung with today's announcement showing that the company intends to make a strong dent in the mobile hardware market indeed.

All-the-Galaxy-S6-teasersSamsung Showcases World's First 10nm FinFET Manufacturing Process In California

At the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) taking place from 22nd - 26th February (which means right now) in San Francisco California, the Korean manufacturing giant seems to have solidified its steps in the hardware segment with its latest announcement that's far from unimpressive. Samsung has shown off the world's first 10nm FinFET semiconductor manufacturing process, catching up to Intel in the process. Samsung's announcement however, as highlighted above, seems solely for the mobile segment however.

The onus of change now lies on Qualcomm, especially after the company has faced trouble related to its Snapdragon 810 over the past couple of months. With 10nm on the cards, Samsung could see several manufacturers consider its silicon, particularly if its able to successfully complete the transition towards mass production. But any and all 10nm chips shouldn't be expected before 2016, or by good measure, 2017, in major mobile devices. Good news nevertheless. We'll just stick to the upcoming Galaxy S6 launches for Samsung to really see what advancements the company's 14nm processor carries on board.