Samsung and PUBG Mobile Partner Up for a Global Tournament

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Epic Games chose the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch event to unveil the Fortnite for Android beta program. The move seemed a bit odd, considering that the people who are in the market for a Galaxy Note 9 are typically not the ones that play Fortnite. The widely popular Battle Royale game was to rumoured to be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9 for up to 120 days, although that didn't last very long. Last week, the company announced a Fortnite contest in partnership with the popular Fortnite streamer Ninja. The contest, which is open only to the Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4 users in the US, promises attractive prizes to the winners. This week, in a surprising turn of events, Samsung partnered up PUBG Mobile to launch a challenge of sorts.

Samsung sponsors PUBG Mobile Star Challenge

The company has announced that it will sponsor the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) – a global tournament for celebrity streamers. Players will be competing for a $600,000 prize pool and official streaming contracts. Samsung doesn’t seem to be involved in the PMSC in anyway other than as a sponsor. The event can also serve as a platform to show the gaming prowess of the Galaxy Note 9.

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Unlike the Fortnite contest, the PMSC has higher barriers to entry and is open only to players with more than a thousand followers on streaming or social media platforms. Players who meet the eligibility criteria must register as a squad of 4. Only one player from the squad is required to meet the1,000 follower count. The remaining players will be judged on their popularity and skills. The tournament is open to teams from Europe, North America, South America, China, Korea/Japan, and the rest of Asia.

Winners of the regional qualifiers will get a chance to slug it out on the main stage. Regional champion will get $20,000, while the runner-up and third-place winner will receive $15,000 and $10,000, respectively. The global final promises prize money of $200,000 for the champion, $100,000 for the runner-up, and $50,000 for the third-place winner. Tournaments such as this one will go a long way in setting the foundation for the future of mobile e-sports, which is still in infacy as of now. It will, however, be a long time before any mobile (or PC/console) game tournament will get anywhere near The International in terms of prize money. If you're interested in the tournament and think what it takes to make a quick buck, head over to this link to find out more.

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