Saitek Partnering With Cloud Imperium Games For Exclusive Star Citizen Peripherals

CIG has announced a partnership with Saitek to create a whole range of different peripherals for the Star Citizen universe, from joysticks to keyboards to headsets.

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It wouldn't quite be complete without Star Citizen peripherals.

The equipment you use to play simulators inevitably makes a difference. A mouse and keyboard can be used to fly around in Star Citizen, it's just incredibly less fun to do so. To help with the immersion, Saitek will be creating an entire line of peripherals in conjunction with Cloud Imperium Games that aren't just 'styilized' but instead uniquely build to cater to the designs that are used in Star Citizen.

And with this, they're taking modularity to a new level, with peripherals as well. The idea is to be able to connect themed keyboards and joystick systems together to have a complete control solution at your fingertips and ready to use. The keyboards and mice in the line-up won't be simple re-skinned products, either, but the hope is to have an entire system of peripherals that can all be used together in that modular way that they're known for.

With that they hope to provide a variety of input systems, HOTAS (hands on throttle and stick), HOMAK (hands on mouse and keyboard), HOTAK (hands on throttle and keyboard), HOMAS (hands on mouse and stick) and even a HOSAS (hands on stick and... stick). This will let people find their own preferred way to play in Star Citizen. You won't be limited in any way. That being said, you also won't just be limited to the themed or Star Citizen specific systems either.

Saitek was the choice that Chris Roberts made, and arguably what many others make, when choosing a joystick to use. They generally make some very good systems that are used in many different flying genres, space and otherwise. They also have a host of peripheral making experience and are more than happy to work with Chris to make products that meet Star Citizen's specifications.



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