Runeblade – First Game for the Apple Watch is an RPG which Delivers “Twitter-Sized Entertainment”


Runeblade is developed by Everywear Games and is described as a glance-based title which delivers  “twitter-sized entertainment”.

Runeblade puts players in control of a War Mage equipped with a sword and magic spells in a quest to stop an ancient evil from destroying the world. Enchanted runes and magical artifacts can also be used as the game becomes more complex over “days, weeks and months of gameplay.”

“With Runeblade, we wanted to create a fresh, new kind of gaming experience on smartwatches,” said Aki Järvilehto, CEO of Everywear Games. “The game is designed to be played in 5-15 second sessions and builds over time as you progress through the journey.

“We’re excited to help pioneer game development on Apple Watch with a fully original title designed specifically for smartwatch gaming.”

Everywear Games founder Aki Järvilehto tells WIRED.co.uk:

"In terms of game design we've done something very different with Runeblade,"

"We’ve radically simplified the game play experience and are targeting for a 5-15 second game play session for average user. The experience build from this “twitter-sized” entertainment over time. Playing games on a smartwatch is a very different experience from tablets of phones. We wanted people to feel like it’s something effortless, fun and integrates well into your daily routines."

"It's a combination of simplicity, depth and complexity. With watches our attention span is even faster. So these games have to be easy to pick-up and play. But overtime they do need to deliver depth of the experience," he said. "There must be strategic and tactical choices and the player will have to be able to find his or her own game play style and rhythm. Eventually I believe that smartwatch games will also become social experiences, but that's something which will happen in the longer term."

"Right now we are super excited about Apple Watch and what is happening this spring," Järvilehto says. In many ways April 2015 marks the beginning of smartwatch gaming. We are 100 percent focused on shipping Runeblade on the platform and delivering a roadmap of updates and new features."

Runeblade will be available for free to download on Apple Watch this month, and will be getting regular updates after launch including new levels, enemies and features.

Apple Watch will start shipping on April 24 and starts at $350.



Source: Wired UK, VG24/7