How to Run HTC Desire ROM on HTC Nexus One With HTC Sense

HTC has been the talk of the town ever since it made a come back last year with back to back phone releases. The company started 2010 with a bang by launching Nexus One, in collaboration with Google. Now in the second month, it seems like HTC now wishes to take the Nexus One fame to the next level and it has announced another (sort of) variant of N1 by the name of HTC Desire.

The fun part about this new phone is the HTC Sense. A feature which makes the user experience entirely different from any other phone, an HTC hold the credit to introduce it to the world. What Nexus One does not have and it should have in the first place (smart move on HTC part) was when Google was preparing itself for the only Android 2.1 OS phone, HTC simple took out Sense from it, thus keeping the propriety feature for its own line up.

Now you have a chance to have HTC Sense on your Nexus One and we have found a solution for you. made the new ROM and posted a comprehensive guide on how to make it available on your Nexus One by using HTC Desire ROM. I must add here that before proceeding to root your phone with the new ROM, you must back up everything on your phone just in case of an unexpected event (and don't say we didn't warn you).

Without much delay, please click on the following link to go through the comprehensive guide to run HTC Desire ROM on HTC Nexus One.

HTC Desire ROM for Nexus One

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Disclaimer: In case you brick your phone in the process, use your computer to access our site 🙂

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